Meryem Buhari

I was born in 1957 in Konya, an Anatolian city that hosted many civilizations including the oldest human settlement found in Çatalhöyük. Until my 30s, I travelled and lived in different Turkish cities such as Amasya, Erzincan and Çanakkale. Then I moved to Istanbul and lived in Besiktas district of Istanbul until 2010 which was an inspiring experience for me. Since then, I have been working on Turkish Tile arts in my studio by the sea in Yalova, enjoying the city’s peaceful and inspiring atmosphere.

Holding a degree in Economics, I worked in both public and private sectors, including the Turkish Stock Exchange where I served as a broker between 1990 and 2002. As I started working at an early age, I was qualified to retire very early. After retiring, I was able to devote all my time to Turkish tile arts which has quickly become the center of my life. I attended several art classes, including ‘ISMEK’ classes sponsored by Istanbul Municipality and Iznik Public Education programmes. Some of my early works were part of a 2008 exhibition of Nomads Tent in Edinburgh (the UK) and my work (size: 100×80) submitted to ISMEK 2010 competition on Turkish Tile Arts (Istanbul, Europe’s Cultural Capital City 2010) was selected to be part of the ISMEK exhibition.

I have participated in many exhibitions and fairs in Turkey and in different parts of the world, including, Montreal and Toronto (Canada), Tunisia (Tunis), Oman (Maskat), Turkmenistan (Ashgabat), Prizren (Kosovo), Damascus (Syria), Bulgaria (Burgas), Başakşehir, Altıneller, EMITT and TUYAP fairs in Istanbul, Ankara and Tekirdag, among others.

I have been tutoring Tile Arts classes sponsored by Turkey’s Ministry of Culture in Yalova. Since 2012, I have been also working towards the design and tutoring of Yalova’s Soap flowers. I tutored a series of soap flower-making classes in Yalova and Prizren (Kosovo), sponsored by Yalova Commerce Chamber’s Women Entrepreneurs section. I have been awarded a Ministry of Culture certificate which officially recognizes my artistic talent and helps me represent my country in different international organizations.

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